Fix You (The Voice of Holland) – Single

Fix You (From The Voice of Holland) – Single

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♦ This is just another example of how amazing Jennifer Lynn is. All of her music is excellent, and only she could take this wonderful song and deliver it as a femal, as beautifully as she did.

♦ Jennifer Lynn has a beautiful voice with an amazing range and very talented singer, songwriter, and pianist! She is truly wonderful

♦ I LOVE this!!! Amazing voice!

 Versatile and musical singer with a great future! (Veelzijdige en muzikale zangeres met een grote toekomst!)

♦ Great vocalist and nice to listen to. Vocal strong appearance in The Voice of Holland. For me, a major contender to ever represent the Euro Song Contest Vison our country. Success Jennifer Rees  (Geweldige vocaliste en lekker om naar te luisteren. Vocaal een sterke verschijning in The Voice of Holland. Voor mij ook een grote kanshebber om ons land ooit te vertegenwoordigen op het Eurovison Song Contest. Succes Benny Rees )

♦ She’s an amazing singer! She put so much emotion in this song! She’s just great! Download it now 🙂